Saving resources


  • Use of photovoltaic systems

Generating electricity from two photovoltaic systems as a joint project with the Hockenheim public utility company.

Locations: Premises and roof of the Home of Speed

Power generation: 850 kWp from the large-scale photovoltaic system on the company premises alone

Savings: 700 tonnes of CO2 per year or 6,419,000 kilometres driven or 160 trips around the earth (by the system on the company premises alone)

  • Conversion of light sources to economical LEDs or solar LED lights (company premises / for events)

Conversion of old light sources to modern, energy-efficient LED technology.

Locations: Buildings and company premises as well as mobile lights for events

Savings: Around 30 % less energy consumption for the same use

  • Use of smart controls

Intelligent control systems 4.0: This keyword is used to monitor, analyse and optimise consumption on the Ring, e.g. lighting control with presence detectors and brightness sensors, air conditioning control


  • More Than Racing – Expansion of non-motorsport events

True to the motto “More than Racing”, the Hockenheim Ring also supports and promotes non-motorsport events from the popular sports sector.

Examples of events:

  • e4Testival – unique event centred around new mobility with a focus on self-driving and experiencing electric vehicles with 2 and 4 wheels.
  • BASF Firmencup – the largest running event for employees from companies in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.
  • Ring Running Series – event for half marathon and marathon runners
  • Fit on Track – event for amateur athletes who rely on their own muscle power, e.g. runners, cyclists, hand bikers, inline skaters, etc.

  • Regional reference

Favouring local and regional service providers and suppliers, insofar as this is economically justifiable in the purchasing process. By avoiding long journeys, CO2 emissions are reduced.

Examples: Purchase of food in the area of public catering or of work materials

  • Sustainable production and compensation

Utilisation of fully sustainable production processes (cradle-to-cradle) or payment of compensation in the production process, where offered.

Example: Print production of the Hockenheim Ring magazine (cradle-to-cradle), posters, flyers and other advertising material


  • Reduction in water consumption

Gradual replacement of conventional water fittings with more economical ones to reduce consumption across the entire site and in the buildings.

Since 2010, waterless urinals with negative pressure have been installed in the toilet facilities in the paddock to save water.

A retention basin on the site collects rainwater, which is reused in business operations.

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