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Take a guided tour at the famous Hockenheimring

Pause from everyday life and enter the world of racing. We look forward to seeing you again as part of our Insider Tours.

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Facts about the Hockenheimring Tour


Dates & Times
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Corona Regulations

Participants agree to comply with the following conditions when booking a insider tour at the Hockenheimring:

  • Each participant must fill out and sign a participant form in the foyer of the Motor-Sport-Museum for eventual follow-up of an infection.
  • The following applies to all participants: Symptoms of a corona infection are not permitted to be present!

Verification requirements

Access to the event is only allowed if you can show one of the following certificates:

  • Certificate of complete vaccination – Vaccinated persons are all persons who can present verification of vaccination completed for at least 14 days by means of vaccination documentation.
  • Certification of recovery from Covid-19-disease – All persons who have already been tested positive themselves are considered to be recovered persons, as long as they can provide evidence of an infection with the coronavirus confirmed by a PCR test and are no longer subject to any segregation obligation. The confirmed infection must have been diagnosed no longer than six months ago.
  • Certification of a confirmed daytime Covid-19-Antigen rapid – Certification of a confirmed daily Covid 19 antigen rapid test.

Children up to and including five years of age, kindergarten children and children who have not yet started school, as well as children attending elementary and secondary schools, children at special education and counseling centers (SBBZ), and students at vocational schools are exempt from the testing requirement. Proof is provided here by means of an appropriate identification document, such as a child’s passport or schoolchildren’s ID card.

hygiene and distance rules

  • It is mandatory to keep a distance of 1.5 m between persons – even within groups.
  • Hand hygiene and sneezing and coughing etiquette must be observed.
  • Sufficient hand washing and disinfecting agents are available in the open toilet facilities in the paddock (opposite the Ravenol House).
  • Mask is still mandatory in some parts of the tour. In addition, the mask must be worn if the minimum distance cannot be maintained (applies to persons 6 years and older).
  • The tour takes place in small groups with circa 20 participants.
  • The tour will be completed in the participants’ own cars. There will be no ride-sharing with the guide.
Current info to our insider tours

The museum can be visited on your own before the start of the tour. It opens 30 minutes before the tour. The number of participants is limited, so ticket purchase in advance of the tour is recommended.

(duration approx. 75 – 90 minutes)


  • Adults (age 17): 12,00 Euro
  • Children & teenagers up to 16 years: 7,00 Euro


  • Motor-Sport-Museum, opposite south grandstand G
  • The Motor Sport Museum opens 30 minutes before the start of the tour. Our fan shop with a large selection of Hockenheimring merchandise is also located there. Please note that the Motor-Sport-Museum is closed after the tour.


  • Visit of the south grandstand with a wonderful view into the Motodrom and over large parts of the Grand Prix circuit
  • Visit of the east grandstand
  • Visit of the paddock
  • Photo on the podium
  • Track tour (subject to availability)


  • To use a tour or voucher for a guided tour, please register by email to at least 2 days before the tour.
  • The guided tour mainly takes place outside.
  • The Motor Sport Museum opens 30 minutes before the start of the tour. Our fan shop with a large selection of Hockenheimring merchandise is also located there. Please note that the Motor-Sport-Museum is closed after the tour.
  • The participants complete the tour in their own motorized vehicle. Participation by bicycle or on foot is not possible. There is no possibility of a ride in other vehicles.
  • Tickets must be purchased in advance in the ticket shop. No participation without registration possible. The advance ticket sale ends the day before the tour.
  • All participants are obliged to wear a mouth-and-nose protection and must keep a safe distance of 1.5 metres from other participants. The current distance and hygiene rules apply.
  • Guests with acute respiratory diseases are not permitted to participate.

We can offer you individual guided tours for your preferred date. Please call 06205 950-216 for further information and booking.

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