Event modules


Lend a hand! Take it for a test drive! Get up high in the sky! The Hockenheimring’s event modules are the ideal way to ensure participants an unforgettable experience. Create emotions and lasting memories – whether as a supporting programme for your conference or product presentation or as part of a driving experience event at the Hockenheimring. We are also happy to customise full-day programmes for you – feel free to let your imagination run wild.

Popular event modules


Experience the rush of speed and pure adrenaline – welcome to the ultimate drift car experience! Enter a world of breathtaking drifts and spinning tires. The drift car promises more than a thrill – it’s an unforgettable ride through the world of high-speed drifting.

Our experienced professional drivers will push you to the limit and let you defy gravity. Feel the intense power of the car as it transforms the asphalt surface into a dance floor for stunning drifts. The drift car experience is perfect for adrenaline junkies, car enthusiasts and anyone who want to get their pulse racing.


Have the participants compete against each other in teams of two or three. Don a pair of gloves, grab a pneumatic screwdriver, and the race against the clock begins: an exciting competition and a unique opportunity to get up close to a Formula 1 racing car (original or show car, depending on availability). The times are displayed on a large screen. You can also honour the winning team with prizes such as champagne bottles, Hockenheimring merchandising articles or event tickets.

Race Room Seats

The high-quality race simulators enable participants to drive virtual races against each other at the same time on the Hockenheimring (time attack or multiplayer) – in racy sports seats and equipped with 24” HD indoor and outdoor screens. The high-end devices were developed and refined over many years of precision work in close cooperation with experienced racing drivers – now including entire online racing leagues. By professionals – for the demanding motorsport fan! You can’t get any closer to that real racing feeling.


Take your balaclava and helmet, listen to the short briefing and hit the track. The participants in their RiMo electro-speedsters race around the circuit at speed of up to 60km/h, so brace yourself for thrilling head-to-head races! With the original racetrack only a few metres away, the vibrations from there provide the acoustic background for this experience. With the brute acceleration e-karts are known for, you negotiate tight corners and after a few laps you get the hang of smoothly drifting into the hairpin bends and then putting the pedal to the metal.


The classic par excellence – its track length of 20 m and 4 lanes provide immediate fun! This mobile track can be set up under any roof and its many detailed backdrops and decorative elements make it a feast for the eyes. Built-in timekeeping makes it easy to determine the winner of the day. Delight your customers, guests and employees with the legendary Carrera.


Want to get up high in the sky with us? No fear of heights? Butterflies in your tummy? Then this highlight is a must. A passenger gondola takes you up about 70 m into the sky, from where you will enjoy a breathtaking view over the 100 hectare Hockenheimring complex. From your perch in the sky you can see all the drivers’ paddocks, the start-finish straight, the hairpin bend and the heli-port at the same time. You will also see the Palatinate region and the Odenwald on either side of the horizon.

Insider Tour

Experience the Hockenheimring up close – on an insider tour through the legendary Motodrom! In the course of an exclusive guided tour of about 1 to 1.5 hours, our guides will give you an up-close look at interesting Hockenheimring attractions that you may have only seen on television, such as the winner’s podium, panorama terrace, south grandstand, east grandstand, pit lane, museum anteroom and drivers’ paddock. Take in the impressive motorhomes and trucks of the racing teams and watch the mechanics at work.

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“Victim liberation in a car accident”…After an imaginary accident, you are lying on the roof of the car. You are now hanging upside down in the car, held there by the full-body safety belt. You can no longer tell up from down and have to get out of there as soon as possible… Practise rescuing yourself and others in the special simulator. This module is moderated by qualified trainers who have experienced these situations in real life and are excellent at conveying their experience to the participants.


Become the slalom champion and negotiate the pylons in the shortest time… but take care: a small bowl with a ball in it is fastened to the hood of your car. In addition to completing the circuit as quickly as possible, you also have to keep the ball from falling out of the bowl. Otherwise the passenger has to get out and pick up the ball.

This challenge thus demands a lot of “feeling” alongside your driving skills.

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