Waste prevention and recycling


Since 2002, a fully comprehensive disposal process for oil and lubricants and other hazardous substances produced in vehicles has been in operation and recorded by a specialised company.


In 2022, the Public Catering division began switching from plastic tableware to sustainable materials. This process was successfully implemented by the start of the 2023 season.

In general, only cans and PET bottles are used at events, which are returned to the recycling cycle via the German deposit system.

Since 2019, the Media Center has been using sustainable materials for crockery, cutlery and cups as well as deposit bottles for press catering.

Since 2012, the VIP & Hospitality division has dispensed with portion packaging, e.g. for butter, jam, honey, etc., and instead uses larger packaging units that are portioned.


In 2023, light switches made of ocean plastic were used in the construction of the Welcome Center.

Ideas for event furniture made from waste material, for example, have been realised since 2019. Since then, pallet furniture, for example, has been used for events.

Since 2017, attention has been paid to the reusability of materials when making structural changes. For example, old fences and demolition masonry are used as gabions (wire baskets with stones). Through thoughtful use and reuse, a number of construction projects were realised, e.g. privacy screens and quiet zones on the site.


In 2015, the Media Centre began to continuously reduce the use of paper. For example, neither results lists nor the press review are issued in paper form at events, but are provided digitally as part of the “Paperless Media Centre”. This means that several kilos of printed pages no longer end up in the rubbish after events.

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