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As a company that comes into contact with several hundred thousand people a year as part of its various events, the duty of care with regard to data protection and data security is also taken particularly seriously. IT measures such as firewall systems, phishing protection and complex email and link checking systems are in place to protect company data and the personal data of employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

In our daily processes, it goes without saying that we handle the collection and storage of personal data sparingly, carefully and transparently. Regular data protection training for employees ensures that data protection is up to date, that quality standards are maintained and that legal requirements are complied with. We expect the same understanding from our partners. For this reason, we only work with service providers who comply with the same level of data protection. This is checked by us and its fulfilment is always a condition for our contracts with third parties.

The company aubex GmbH has been working as an external data protection officer for the Hockenheim Ring for many years. In addition, data protection coordination was introduced in 2018, which continuously reviews processes and documents in accordance with applicable data protection law and implements this in collaboration with the team. This interface guarantees compliance with all obligations and is available to you for exercising your rights, such as the right to information.

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