Public Race Days

Public Race Days on August 10th and 11th 2019*

Following tradition, amateur racers meet again in August at the Hockenheimring to put their driving skills to the test on our ¼ mile track.

Since their inception, the Public Race Days have developed greatly. The event was initially a warm-up for the NitrOlympX which are held a week later. Drivers and teams tested their dragsters thoroughly during the Test & Tune. But it did not take long for the public racers to start enjoying the quarter mile and turn it from an insider secret into a cult event. Now Public Race Days celebrate the excess which is normally prohibited on the streets.

Helmet on, turn on the engine, a quick look at the opponent's face and full concentration. The vehicle rolls out. In the stands, hundreds of tuning fans sit and watch. Speed - Shift - Burnout. The starting light says: ready, set, go! From now on reaction time, split times, top speed and final time are measured at the finish line. The fastest vehicle wins!

The rules are simple. Anyone who has ever wanted to burn some rubber can join. From a stand-still they accelerate over a distance of exactly 402.33 meters with everything a car or bike has to give. Two riders start on separate lanes next to each other. Participation is also possible without a racing license. The only requirements are a private vehicle, a valid driver's license and the courage to battle.

Fun is at the forefront on Public Race Days and in 2019 nothing will change. In addition to the hobby racers, Dragster Pros will offer a special type of demonstration during the Test & Tune Sessions and that means Horse Power! Power and smoke without limits. The Public Race Challenges in the categories VW, automobile and bike remain unchanged. The respective fastest rider of the day is honored in the evening on the drag strip after the finals.

Below is a brief guide for amateur racers and those who would like to become one:

Everyone can participate and everyone has a chance! Of course there are differences in performance or "weaker and stronger", but that does not matter at the Public Race days because vehicles are divided into time classes. It will not be Horse Power David against Horse Power Goliath.
Class schedule:
Public Race Cars up to 1600 ccm
Public Race Cars starting at 1600 ccm
Public Race Bikes
VW challenge
non street legal vehicles - technical inspection required on-site (inspection of brakes, tires, steering and belts). Drivers whose vehicles contest in the quarter mile with 10:00 seconds are required to wear a racing suit and helmet.

What should I do?

Access for participants:
Access is via the “Conti-Kreisel” and the registration via the “Querspange”. From the “Querspange” participants will be guided into the appropriate classes through the “Sachskurve” to the start area.

Parking for participants:
Until your class is called to start, park your vehicle in the “Querspange”.

Helmets are mandatory:
Helmets are mandatory even among motorists. If someone has no helmet, we can provide one in exchange for a deposit (100 € + card or driving license). However, the accompanying balaclavas must be purchased (price € 5 per piece).

Protective clothing:
For security reasons, only bikers with suitable protective clothing can participate in sprint races.

The Public Race Days allows no passengers.

Do I need a license?
Of course you need a valid driver's license, clearly. Under the Public Race Days it is possible to race without a racing license, as private driver (Public Racer).

When does it start?
Access to the paddock is possible on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. and on Sunday at 8:30 a.m. There you will receive all the instructions for the process and a starting point for training and racing. Note: no participation possible without a race number! Driven times can be viewed pre-race.


Paddock & grandstands per person: 12,00 € *
Paddock & grandstands weekend per person: 20,00 €*

Grandstand tickets in advance, please click here.

Pay and Race for Street Cars and Street bikes per run on the Quartermile: 7,00 €*

* Prices subject to change.

Driving and Box Offices

The lanes to the Public Race Days (driver) are located directly at the Hockenheimring on the “Conti-Kreisel”. Please access via the Continental Bridge and follow the signs. Box offices will open on Saturday and Sunday, respectively at 8:00 a.m.

Visitors who do not wish to race the quarter mile, please park in the public parking Offsite on P2.


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