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In the following you will find all information from the organiser Live Nation about the Bruce Springsteen concert on 21 of July 2023:


  • Arrival by train: The Deutsche Bahn is organizing special trains for the concert. Please note the current timetable additions when planning your arrival and departure.


  • Arrival by car: When traveling to the concert, please be aware of the numerous construction sites on the various access routes. In particular, the major construction site on the BAB 6 in the direction of the north will cause traffic obstructions and delays on the day of the event.
  • The concert will begin at 7:00 pm. Therefore, please plan to arrive at the Hockenheimring in good time and allow 45-60 minutes to walk from the parking lot to the concert site.

Parking and parking fees

The use of the parking lots at the Hockenheimring is only allowed with a valid parking ticket. This also applies to motorcycle and scooter riders, who can also use all parking areas. Parking tickets are available in advance through Ticketmaster and EVENTIM. Parking is only permitted in the designated areas. Incorrectly parked vehicles will be towed away for a fee.

Purchase parking tickets in advance: The organiser recommends purchasing the parking tickets in advance. This is the cheapest option.

Parking controls will be carried out on site. For this purpose, please print out your parking ticket and place it in your vehicle so that it is clearly visible through the windshield.

Buy parking ticket on site via the easy Park App

It is only possible to buy a parking ticket on site via the EasyPark app; additional fees apply.

4 simple steps to book with EasyPark:

1 – download the EasyPark app on your smartphone and register.

  • Download the EasyPark app for iOS devices
  • Download the EasyPark app for Android devices

2 – let the app locate you, it will automatically show the correct parking zone. If this does not work, please enter the zone code 101303 (parking race track) or 101404 (general parking areas) in the search field of the app and confirm. A new window will open to purchase the parking ticket.

3 – Tap on “Duration” and select a day ticket. Confirm the selection and the purchase.

4 – The parking ticket is now displayed as active under the “My parking transactions” menu category. As soon as the ticket has expired, the means of payment deposited during registration will be debited.

EasyPark bookings are verified by means of digital parking control in conjunction with the vehicle license plate number. A receipt in the windshield is not required when booking via EasyPark.

Contractual penalty for using the parking spaces without a valid parking ticket

If the parking spaces are used without a valid parking ticket, a contractual penalty of 25.00 EUR plus a processing and holder data determination fee will be charged in addition to the parking fee.

Parking areas


Parking tickets in advance:

  • P-street (parking on the race track, access via B291) – parking ticket in advance: 50,00 EUR per car.
  • General parking areas outside the race track – advance booking of parking tickets: 25.00 EUR per car.

Parking tickets in on-site sales (booking only via the app EasyPark):

  • P-track (parking zone 101303): 75.00 EUR per passenger car.
  • General parking areas (parking zone 101404): 37,50 EUR per car


The parking areas are not guarded continuously. Please do not leave any valuables in your vehicle. Mobile Locker provides lockers at the Infopoint in front of the south grandstand of the Hockenheimring.

Here you can safely deposit your valuables as well as other items that you do not want to have with you permanently on the event grounds (e.g. car keys, apartment keys, sunglasses, medication, small backpacks, bags, jackets, electronic devices, etc.) for a fee. Each locker offered has a charging power supply. The power supply is sufficient to charge a cell phone, camera, power bank or similar. Please note the available locker sizes when booking a locker. There are small lockers with a size of 9.5cm x 19cm x 32.5cm and large lockers with a size of 24cm x 20cm x 32cm.

Locker fees:

Small locker 8,50 EUR (Daily rent)

Large locker 12,50 EUR (Daily rent)

The lockers are available on the day of the event from 12:00 noon until 01:00 at night!

The lockers can be rented on site directly at the station and paid by EC card, credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. It is also possible to book in advance. To do so, please use this link:

Attention: The possibility for advance booking exists only until Thursday, 20.07.2023, 24:00. After that, lockers can only be booked directly on site according to availability.

Security measures

  • Intensive security measures at all Live Nation concerts
  • No handbags, backpacks or helmets allowed at the concerts
  • Special controls and body checks

The protection and integrity of our concert-goers is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, intensive security measures are still required at all Live Nation events. Especially open air events as well as concerts in arenas and larger halls are still subject to special controls.

That is why we carry out body checks on all spectators. It is forbidden, for example, to bring bags, backpacks, helmets, umbrellas and containers of any kind. Visitors are kindly requested to limit themselves to really necessary items such as cell phones, keys, wallets as well as medicines and small cosmetics (no deodorants, perfumes or hairsprays) in belt or hand bags of no more than A4 size.

Adherence to these rules and instructions, as well as arriving at the venue on time, will help make the admission process as expeditious as possible.

We thank you for their compliance and understanding.

Prohibited are:

  • Professional cameras, audio or video recorders.
  • GoPro’s, Tablet PC’s, Selfie Sticks
  • Fireworks, laser pointers, gas horns
  • Weapons, knives, sprays
  • Umbrellas, flagpoles
  • Bottles, cans
  • Food in packaging
  • Backpacks, suitcases, bags (only bags up to DIN A4 are allowed)
  • studded belts, chains, chains on wallets
  • Inline skates, roller skates, skateboards
  • bicycles, baby carriages
  • helmets
  • animals

© Live Nation, July 2023

Picture: © Danny Clinch

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