Hockenheim Classics from 6 – 8 September 2019 // Highlight of the season for friends of historic motorsports

This September, motorcycle fans can once again look forward to a very special season’s highlight. From 6 – 8 September, the 42nd Hockenheim Classics is summoning you! In addition to races against the clock and regularity trials for classic motorcycles, the “VFV GLPpro” automobile classics will once again this year form part of the action.

This popular traditional event is not just a favourite with the many spectators around the Hockenheim Ring. Every year, the racers themselves eagerly look forward to this event, held on the racetrack’s motorcycle circuit. The veteran vehicle association’s “German Historic Motorcycle Championship” is there for all two-wheeled enthusiasts. Motorcycles ranging from the pre-war period up to the super sports bikes of the 90s compete in various classes. The race track has a special connection with motorcycles dating from the 1930s in particular, as it was these two-wheelers that inaugurated the original “Dreieckskurs” triangular circuit as it was called then, still a 12-kilometre circuit at the time, in front of 60,000 spectators on 2 May 1932. At that time, it still had unpaved forest tracks in it. Although it’s all about minutes and seconds on the asphalt there today, nothing has changed with the vintage motorcycles from that time. The classic machines are still cherished and cared for by their owners, although this does not mean that the ladies and gentlemen take it easy by any means. The motorcycle and sidecar races are amazingly exciting too. The co-drivers’ acrobatic antics hold the spectators in the stands spellbound.

In addition to the VFV DHM veteran vehicle association – German Historic Motorcycle Championship, the “Friends of Historic Racing Motorcycles” group are also involved. Known as the “FHRM” for short, this group has many riders and motorcycles coming from Switzerland to the Hockenheim Ring. The event in Germany is something like a home race for many Swiss. The IHRO – International Historic Racing Organisation, which was represented last year with more than 20 riders, will also be there.

After a year’s break, VFV GLPpro cars will be back at the start. Touring cars, GT cars, formula cars and sports cars form the four different categories presenting the full spectrum of automotive development. BMW 2002, VW Golf, Porsche 911 and Opel Kadett C: vehicle names that have to be included in any 70s era quartet. Visitors can now admire their dream cars up close in the pit lane and in the open paddock, then enjoy them in action on the track. There are many special exotic and classic models included in the formula and sports cars.

Hockenheim Classics is not only about racing on the track, but also about getting up close and personal with drivers and vehicles. Drivers and mechanics are more than happy to answer any questions. And there are always a few high-profile racing legends at the Hockenheim Ring. Exhibitions such as “Special chassis in motor sports” and the special Motor Sport Museum turn the Hockenheim Ring into a vibrant open-air museum.

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