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It isn't handbags or shoes that gives me goose bumps – oh no, it's the rumbling, bubbling sound of engines and the screech of tyres that have fascinated me ever since I went to a drag racing event for the first time. At that time, I was immediately blown away: enraptured by the performance that the different quarter mile artists brought to the racetrack.

I just had to go to the Hockenheim Ring! The highly explosive combination of horsepower, speed, and great entertainment with plenty of action and showmanship that I saw at my first visit to NitrOlympX won me over completely. Europe's biggest drag racing event is pure liquid explosive and adrenaline! I love the spectacular mix of daring high-speed records in the various racing categories, hot engines, unusual tuning, and the breath-taking night show. The freely accessible paddock and the opportunity to get to know this motorsport better is unique.

Here I really want to emphasise the exclusive special tours with their awesome experiences: for me, some of the biggest highlights were being able to get up close to the Swiss top fuel star Urs Erbacher and look over his shoulder while he was working, watching a autographing session, and being able to take souvenir photos with the various European champions. He has the need for speed and he is a towering personality. Last year I was even able to go onto the drag strip – and it was absolutely amazing to test my reaction time to the light gate in my flip-flops on the "gold dust" asphalt. I was lucky enough to meet very special people and develop some precious friendships. This unforgettable experience was so enriching for me and I am so thankful for all of the wonderful moments. I can hardly wait to relive the experience of the drivers chasing the record this year. I'm looking forward to the adrenaline rush with plenty of goose bumps!

TIP: We offer our Insider Tours through the tradition-steeped course of Hockenheim every day. The meeting point is the Motorsport Museum at 11 am. The tracks offer action all year round: there is always more to discover when you visit the South Stand, the paddock, the podium, the start and finishing house, the pit lane, and the Mercedes grandstand, and you can experience current track events first-hand.

We are also offering special tours for selected events in 2016. In the Bosch Hockenheim Historic tour, all classic car fans can get a special view of the ring and the history around the former Formula 1 World Champion Jim Clark. We offer an additional "nitro" boost for adrenaline junkies at the NitrOlympX. No matter what part of it interests you, newcomers and diehard fans alike can expect the very best insider knowledge.

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