Motodrom Insight: Insider Tours, Group Tours, Hori Kids Cup

Backstage at the Hockenheimring

Insider Tours

Our insider tour starts in the Motor-Sport-Museum at 11am everyday. We take you to the VIP boxes in the South Grandstand. From here, you get a unique view looking out onto the Motodrom. Our guide will explain everything you need to know about the Hockenheimring and can answer any questions you may have. After visiting the East Grandstand, you’ll go directly to the inner area of the Ring: the drivers’ paddock. Why is the last pit number 47, even though there are actually only 46? Is it true that Sebastian Vettel hasn’t actually stood on the top podium at Hockenheim yet? What is in the large, gold RAVENOL bottle? You can get the answers to these and other questions on a stroll around the paddock, before you take ‘THE’ souvenir selfie – on top of the winner’s podium!

This year, there will also be special guided tours as part of the selected events, whereby ardent fans can gain insider knowledge, for example, at the Bosch Hockenheim Historic or at the NitrOlympX or catch a glimpse of the preparations for the top class of motorsport as they set up for the Formula 1 race.

Group Tours

Apart from the daily tour at 11am, we always look forward to visits from the numerous coach tours, car clubs, school groups, choirs, etc., etc. Your personalised tour will start on the date we have individually agreed – with an English-speaking guide, if required. And what’s more: You get to choose how much horsepower you want to use when you come and do the tour with us. Do you want to go on foot, by bike, motorbike, car or by coach? It’s all possible.

  • DAILY AT 11AM*
  • No prior registration needed! Duration: approximately 90 minutes
  • Price: €12.00/adult; €6.50/child aged seven and up to and including 16; children under the age of seven free; family ticket (two adults + two children): €29.00. All tour tickets include admission to the Motor-Sport-Museum.
  • We will be happy to arrange individual guided tours at desired times for groups.
  • Email:
  • * except during major events such as F1, DTM or concerts

Hori Kids Cup

For the youngest fans, the HoRi Kids Cup offers plenty of fun and lots of variety. In the Motor-Sport-Museum, children are first challenged to find answers using a questionnaire before they then get to test out the VIP seats in the South Grandstand. When entering the paddock, the kids have to answer some tricky questions before they can storm the podium. Back in the museum, our young fans choose the winner in speed stacking, which, as for real Formula drivers, depends on skill, speed and good reflexes. Of course, all the questionnaires are evaluated at the end and each child receives a certificate.

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