The Southern Grandstand with its 8 VIP suites on two levels offers space for up to 1,000 persons.

The Business Lounge is located on level 3 and with a total size of 450 sq. meters it offers space for up to 250 persons. It provides direct access to the 176 Business-Seats and VIP-Seats on the Southern upper tier. In addition to the Business-Seat customers, the guests of the VIP-Seats also enjoy the top quality atmosphere of the Business Lounge.

The Central Lounge is located on Level 4 and offer an area of 501 sq. meters – the optimum platform for your VIP event. Here you are located 20 meters above the action, which can be viewed through a fully glassed front for an unrivalled view of the complete racing circuit. With space for up to 300 persons, the Central Lounge offer guests direct access to 92 roofed Comfort-Seats on the Southern upper tier. A 462 sq. meter large terrace on Level 5 provides a phenomenal view of the complete racing circuit. The Central Lounge can not only be leased as permanent corporate boxes for years, it is also available for individual major events on request.

The Single Suites On Level 4 there are single suites leased to business customers for several years. They offer seating for 35 to 45 persons. Each individual suite has direct access to 18/27 roofed Comfort-Seats in the Southern Upper tier. The suites are furnished and equipped by the tenant. The individual suites can be accessed and used at any time – as a party location or seminar or conference room (not during major events). Tickets and catering can also be booked indivually for events of all types.

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