High Performance Days

sport auto - Tuner-Grand Prix & DriftChallenge from 1 to 3 June 2018 *

Motorsport hearts are leaping for joy: extroverted sports and racing cars, smoking tires and spectacular drifts. The sport auto-High Performance Days will feature not only the international drifting elite at the DriftChallenge, but also the best tuners in Europe.

Anyone who has never been to the sport auto-High Performance Days as a motorsport fan has missed something so far. So quickly mark this date in the calendar.

The tuning scene rolls out to the legendary time trial

For the 27th time, the European tuning scene is rolling out on its legendary qualifying sessions on the Formula 1 track. A quick look back: For the first time, the Tuner Grand Prix of the sportcars and motor sports journal sport auto was presented in 1992 in Hockenheim. Just 17 vehicles competed against each other in the fight for the fastest time. From a small meeting until today the highlight of the European tuning industry developed. Not only industry insiders are meeting at the sport auto-High Performance Days in Hockenheim. The Elite now attracts around 30,000 visitors every year to the grandstands in the Motodrom and the paddock.

Sniffing high octane, taking a look under the bonnet or walking through the pits, where otherwise only Sebastian Vettel and Co. are staying, fans can experience the action at the sport auto-High Performance Days. Your eyes will shine. Whether Lamborghini, Ferrari or Porsche, sportcars will be presented in the paddock area. In addition the tuners present trends and innovations around the topic of sports car refinement.

But there is not only the paddock area. At the sport auto-tuner Grand Prix, the Who's Who of the scene starts on the 2.6-kilometer small course from Hockenheim. The motorsport experienced technical writers from sport auto test around 100 sports cars every year. In the Tuner Grand Prix, the average of the five fastest lap times decides victory or defeat. There are fights in different vehicle classes - from small cars to modified diesel hardtops to the potent supersportcars.

In addition the stars of the European drift scene access the steering wheel. Whether Nissan Skyline, BMW M3 or 700-horsepower Porsche, winter or summer tires – everything is allowed, which goes crosswise. Lots of smoke and rubber are inevitable. It is only the show, the fun of the audience and the pleasure of the drivers that counts. The more spectacular the drift angles of the steering wheel performers, the better the rating of the jurors, which include the cheers of the spectators in the crowded stands in their decision-making. The sport auto-drift show makes the impossible possible on four wheels.

Further information about the sport auto-High Performance Days can be found here.

*subject to change