Driving Safety Center

Driving Safety Center

Safety first!

The motto of the ADAC traffic safety centre at the Hockenheimring is "Enjoy driving, but be safe". The facility was opened in spring 2004 in the middle of the race circuit and is one of the most modern of its kind in Europe. The 11-hectare site has more than 5,000 sq.m. of skid area and 119 water obstacles. Altogether, the centre offers 42 different training courses, ranging from basic training for motorcyclists to safety training for bus and truck drivers and premium training for car drivers – including the possibility of obtaining a DMSB racing license.

Practice modules


There are six practice modules for motorcyclists and car, truck and bus drivers to learn how to control their vehicles better, recognise dangerous situations in good time, avoid them and overcome them.



A hydraulically operated plate let into the track shifts the rear of the vehicle to the side when you drive over it and makes the vehicle skid. The driver's job is to keep control of the vehicle by specific steering manoeuvres.

Circular tracks


The two circular tracks with diameters of 50 and 80 metres teach the participants about oversteering and understeering with cars and trucks. They can also be used for braking practice.

Large hill

The handling course with an asphalt surfacing is suitable for car and truck training. It is designed for speeds of 30-60 km/h. The driver is con-stantly challenged in all kinds of different ways by braking, accelerating and taking bends to adjust his driving style to the conditions of the track.

Aquaplaning section

On the aquaplaning track, you can experience the problems of driving too fast in heavy rain or on water-covered roads dramati-cally but safely. When you drive through the aquaplaning basin at speeds of between 80 and 100 km/h, the car starts to swim – aquaplaning becomes in-evitable.

Downhill section

The 7% downhill section combines various situations to practice downhill driving, braking with swerve manoeuvres and at the end, skidding in a curve.

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