Pitching a tent next to the racetrack, drinking a few beers with friends and enjoying a relaxing barbecue ahead of the Grand Prix – for many motor racing fans the ideal way to spend a night at the races. Camping is convenient, social and inexpensive. For major events, the Hockenheimring organises campsites directly next to the circuit. Electricity, water and sanitary facilities (showers and toilets) are provided.

Camping during the Formula 1

The pitches are available for a small charge. The price is for a pitch for five nights and two persons. It can only be booked by paying in advance.

In C2 or C3  a limited area for camping is reserved for handicapped people ("aG", "B" or "BI"). The sites must be booked in advance. We cannot guarantee that the sites are available at the ticket office.


Car with five seats/motorbike:

€ 140,00

Car with trailer/camper van/mobile home/van:

€ 160,00

Additional person:

€ 50,00 each

*A reservation is required.

Camping during other events

For all other events, pitches are available only at the box office. The charges will depend on the event. For more information click here.


Formula 1:
C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C9 (only if required).

Other Events:
C2, C3 (if required), C4 (if required)

C2, C3, C4.


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