Accreditation information

Dear Sir or Madam,

In the following you will find the time periods of accreditation for the events 2016 at the Hockenheimring. All forms and information are available for the specified time periods.

You must be aware that the accreditation deadlines are binding. All documents have to be submitted within the relevant deadline, otherwise it will lead to the rejection of accreditation. On-site accreditation will only be possible for events with the relevant designation.

Accreditation is generally awarded to people who can provide evidence of their journalistic work. For this reason, please note that applications without the corresponding supporting documents and with incomplete information will not be processed.

Amateur photographers and photographers and video crews who work on an exclusively commercial basis will not be accredited. So we kindly ask you to refrain from sending us any requests for such information.

Accreditation information:

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Hockenheim-Ring GmbH